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Nashville children's doctors encourage physical activity for children

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Links to Valuable Pediatric Information

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    Hospitals and Nurseries

           Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital

           St Thomas Midtown Hospital        

           The Women's Hospital At Centennial Medical Center

   General Pediatric Health Information 

            Healthy Children

            Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital –  Health and Wellness Library     

            Center for Disease Control (CDC)

            Food and Drug Administratiion (FDA)

            Kids Health from Nemours Children's Hospital

            Up to date Car Seat Information

            KIDDOC - Pediatric Symptom Checklist

            Infant CPR video

            Immunization Schedule for Birth to 6 years

            Immunization Schedule for 7 to 18 years

   Nutrition and Fitness Information

             New Food Pyramid - My Plate

             We Can

             BAM - Body and Mind


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   Specific Conditions

           Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America 

           Food and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network 

           The Epilepsy Foundation

           CDC Autism Spectrum Disorders

           Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line

           National Library of Medicine-Medline plus         


           Classes at St Thomas Midtown Hospital

           Vanderbilt Children's Breastfeeding Support

            AAP Breastfeeding website

    Community Resources

           Tennessee Disability Coalition

           Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine

           Health Reform and the Affordable Care Act

           Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee

           Our Kids Center

           Domestic Violence Resources

           Smart 911-register for faster emergency service for your children

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     Resources for Children with Special HealthCare Needs

           STEP-TN  Support and Traiining for Exceptional Parents

           TRIAD: Treatment and Research Institute for Autism

           Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Disabilities  

           Apps and more for children with special needs

Patient Education From Our Doctors

      Walk-in and Retail Clinics

      Fear of Fever