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New Patient Visit

 We welcome new patients to our practice serving Nashville and north, and will be glad to schedule a new patient visit. This visit includes more time for introducing you to our practice and  reviewing your childs medical  history and is usually not scheduled on an urgent basis. If you have been assigned to our practice by your insurance plan, please call an schedule a new patient visit as soon as possible.  Please review our Privacy and Financial Policy ahead of your visit.
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Prenatal Visit

If you are expecting a baby, our office can schedule you for a prenatal visit with one or more of our pediatricians. There is no charge for a prenatal visit and it is an excellent way to see the office and meet our staff. One of the pediatricians can talk with you about your pregnancy, family medical history, special concerns, and answer any questions you have about our pediatric practice. You will receive printed material about our practice and have the opportunity to briefly meet some of the other doctors. You may choose one of our  pediatricians without a prenatal visit by notifying your obstetrician of your choice.
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We care for newborns in the nurseries at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, St Thomas Midtown Hospital, and Centennial Women’s Hospital. All of these hospitals have full-time, on-site neonatologists (specialists in sick newborn care) to help your baby in the event of problems during or after delivery. Typically, when your baby is born, your delivery nurse will call the pediatrician of your choice. One of our pediatricians will examine your baby in the hospital within 24 hours of his/her birth and then come to your room to see you, answer any questions or concerns you might have, and give you our newborn booklet. This booklet contains “instructions” for the care of your baby and information about the office. The doctor will visit you and your baby each day to monitor and discuss the infant’s nursery course, including vital signs, feeding, and weight. During the nursery stay the infant’s treatment will include:

  • Vitamin K injection to prevent life-threatening bleeding.
  • Erythromycin eye ointment to prevent bacterial eye infection that can cause blindness.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine to prevent infection that can cause liver failure and cancer (the first of three).
  • Screening blood test for Sickle cell disease, low thyroid hormone, and 20 other diseases.
  • Screening test for High bilirubin (jaundice) that may be followed by a blood test if necessary.

The blood tests are done by pricking the babies heel and collecting drops of blood. If the babies bilirubin is high there may need to be several blood tests done over a period of time and therapy with special lights (phototherapy), requiring a more prolonged nursery stay.

Sometimes other blood tests are required to test for low blood sugar or anemia. If these conditions are suspected or diagnosed, they will be discussed with you by your pediatrician and neonatal nurse.
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First Check-up

We will see your baby for the first check-up one to three days after discharge from the hospital in order to support breastfeeding, monitor normal weight loss, and evaluate possible jaundice. We will see you and your baby again at three weeks of age and for subsequent periodic checkups. Our patients come from a wide geographic area in and north of Nashville, so, if your baby is born in another nursery in the area, he/she will be seen by a pediatrician who takes call at that hospital. Please call our office to make an appointment for one to three days after discharge from the hospital.

We encourage breastfeeding because of its many emotional and health benefits. There are many classes and much literature about breastfeeding, so much, in fact, that it seems intimidating. While classes and reading can be helpful, after the baby is born both mother and baby will have time to learn. If there are particular issues then we can refer you to a lactation consultant.
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Privacy Policy

You can view Rivergate Pediatric's Privacy Policy by downloading the PDF here.   Right click on document to donwnload.

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Transition to Adult Healthcare

You can view Rivergate Pediatric's Transition Policy here